Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hot Red Shoes

I love these shoes so I decided to show them off. pay special attention to the heel. Don't they look like anal beads? I know that when your down on the floor worshiping these sexy shoes that the thought has to run through your mind. What if she decided to use them like that. You never know, I just might. Get on your knees and call me.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hot Wax

Today I made one of my phone sluts remove his pubic hair with hot wax. I laughed so hard every time he screamed in pain! I made him describe every sensation he was feeling as he poured the wax and then waited before using the tape to rip it all off. He was crying by the end of the session. But just think how good it will feel when I make him wear a bikini under his business suits to work!

I wonder how his wife will feel when she sees his naked and angry red balls. Maybe I should have told him that he had to fuck her tonight. I can just picture his poor balls slapping against her ass!

Sissy boys- today’s nail color is scarlet red.

Come Here my pet