Friday, December 21, 2007

Caging a submisssive

Caging a man can be so much fun. I can put him in there and just walk away making him wonder how long he will have to sit there in anticipation of things to come and it’s even better when I return. I can tease him till he is ready to do anything I ask as long as he can be close to me.

I can taunt him with my cane. Poking it through the bars and making him scramble from one side to the other or I can sit back in a chair and run my hands over my body giving him the occasional peek at my breasts. Letting him kiss my feet through the bars of the cage.

Perhaps I’ll make him masturbate in his captivity tossing him a toy or two for my amusement. What ever it is, I know he will be eager to please me.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Cock And Ball Torture

I often get submissive callers who are interested in cock and ball torture. They wonder if I do cbt and if I have experience in it. Yes, I sure do. I know some people are too squeamish to do cbt phone sex, but I love it. I think it's because I have so much real time experience doing cbt that I can naturally and easily guide a submissive during my phone domination session. Also, since I'm very sadistic and like to enjoy myself when dominating, I can't help but love cbt. What better way to bring a man to his knees than hurting his manhood - literally.
I love a boy who is vocal and has plenty of items around the house that I can turn into cock and ball torture devices. A rubber band or wooden spoon looks so innocent, but they can turn into something else when I'm using it for my wicked cbt! I get off on hearing my painsluts gasp, breathe heavy, yelp, moan, beg, and cry during our cbt phone sex calls. I like to tell them to squeeze those blue balls just a little harder - after I've told them to take those 20 clothespins off. Or when I tell them to stroke with the Ben Gay, then rub it off with some body scrub. LOL! Wicked. Talk about rubbing salt in the wound. Salt is another thing that looks so innocent, but not when I use it for cbt. I like to use it with sandpaper for a painful cbt phone session.
So all you cbt fans out there, run and get some rubber bands, tacks, candles, clothespins, wooden spoon or hair brush, twine, Ben-Gay or Icy Hot, hot sauce, rubbing alcohol, q-tips, or sandpaper. Then call me for some wicked cbt phone sex!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

New strapon slut

I had a fun strap on phone sex call the other night with a caller who was bi-curious. He's had fantasies for several years about a dominant mistress fucking him with her strapon cock. He hasn't done any of it in real time and hasn't even had a dildo up his ass. He's only fingered himself a few times when he was super horny. So he called me up because he had just purchased a dildo. Since he knew I was a strapon phone sex expert, he wanted to get some guidance from me.
Well, normally I'm very sadistic, but since he was an anal virgin, I wanted to take him nice and gentle. I didn't want to scare the poor boy away from any more of my strap on training. So I had him relax and set the mood - like putting on some soothing music, dimming the lights and getting totally naked on his bed. I made sure he had plenty of lubricant and a towel underneath his butt. I didn't want him to get all that gooey lube on his bed.
I did some guided masturbation and soon he was rock hard. Then I had him play on the outside of his asshole while still stroking his cock. (Luckily he had a headset, so that made things a lot easier!) Soon he was panting and willing to do almost anything. Bingo! The magic moment. I had him lube up his new dildo and play around on the outside of his asshole. Then I had him slowly push it in.
He was scared at first but after more of my expert strapon phone sex instructions, he got the dildo halfway in. Soon he was moaning and begging for me to let him put the whole 7 inches in. LOL! I was turning this anal virgin into a whore, and I was loving every minute of it. I love taking you boys with my strapon! I know I'm going to have a lot more fun with my new strap on phone sex caller.

Come Here my pet