Friday, March 14, 2008

Hairbrush Spankings for Sale

Have you ever taken a look at the ads that come up when you do a search? Sometimes I think they are just made up as they go. I was searching on “hair brush spankings” and the ads come up on the side panel.

Hairbrush spankings? Get free shipping on all hairbrush spankings today when you order from us.

Now you gotta think that marketing for this product would have much more potential. I’m sure that if I could put spankings in a box and ship those off I’d be a millionaire. More over I wonder why a company would pay to put its ads on the net for something they really don’t have or frankly want to sell. Next time I see it up there though I think I’ll send an email and see what the going price for a hairbrush spanking is.

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