Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sucking a sweet one

One of my favorite boys is Edward. He has a desire to suck cock but wanted to be forced to do it. So, I set it up for another boy to wrap his cock in cotton candy. I led Edward in blindfolded and made him kneel as I explained that he had to eat every bit of what I had ready for him. I told him that I would use my paddle on him until he finished the entire thing. When I took off the blindfold, he was at face level with a stiff cock covered in yellow, pink and blue cotton candy.
True to my word, my paddle smacked into his ass while he chewed and slobbered down the cotton candy. Then I picked up the pace as he got down to the 7 ½” cock in front of him. I made him swallow that cock over and over until he got past the gag reflex. I made him swallow the cum and lick up the few drops that fell on the floor before I stopped my paddle. He was an excellent little cocksucker!
Call me if you want to suck cock and can’t quite bring yourself to do it. I can help.

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